Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hey guys...Yeah.. i managed to make a card yesterday which i was thinking from a long time.. its a simple card and i am happy the way it turned out..was inspired from the blog of Jennifer Mcguire, where she has made a very beautiful card.. becoz i have no designer stamps which can be complimented with my card i have to draw the designs on my own, which takes a lot of time..

So here goes my card....

Also after getting back home from work, i like spending some time with my 7.5 months baby - Ashwin, who waits all day long for me..
Here is photo of Ashwin with me...

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. U no i ws just about to ask u wat stamp u used for the tree.. its so pretty.. ur rly gud wi ur hand!.. and Ashwin is adorable.. :)

  2. Very pretty, i love the cute little leaves....the tree is awesome.......I can't draw a bit :(
    Nice picture of you n your baby....

  3. very nice.. i have a almost 8 mos baby too. a darling little girl :)

  4. That's a very pretty card, Anu. All the best with blogging and card making! :-)

    And a big hug to your little one...


  5. Hi Anuradha, I have a little something for you on my blog....do check it out.

  6. hi.. thanks Anu. She is Keerthana :) 8 months now.

  7. Your hand-drawn image is as good as any stamped image! Great going!

  8. Veru Cute... ovey design. Your baby is so cute...

    Have a look at my newely created blog